• Check and clean or replace furnace air filters, each month, during the heating season.
  • After consulting your hot water system owner’s manual, turn the electric off to the water heater and drain water tank. This will help control settlement and maintain efficiency. Refill the water tank and then turn the electric back on to water heater.
  • Clean your humidifiers two or three times during the winter season.
  • Vacuum the bathroom fan grills.
  • Vacuum fire and smoke detectors as dust or spider webs can prevent them from
  • functioning.
  • Check gauges on all fire extinguishers, and recharge or replace them if necessary.
  • Check fire escape routes, door and window locks, and lighting around outside of your house.
  • Check all faucets for signs of dripping and change washers as necessary. If you have a fixture that is not used frequently, such as a laundry tub, spare bathroom sink or tub, shower stall or toilet, run water briefly to keep some water in the trap.
  • Clean drains in dishwashers, sinks, bathtubs and shower stalls.
  • Test plumbing shut-off valves to ensure they are working properly and to prevent them from seizing.

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