• Have your furnace or heating systems serviced by a qualified service company every two years for a gas furnace and every year for an oil furnace.
  • Check and clean or replace air filters each month during the heating season.
  • Check the sump pump and line to ensure proper operation and to ensure that there are no line obstructions or visible leaks.
  • Remove screens from inside casement windows to allow for the heating system to keep condensation off window glass.
  • Ensure all doors to the outside shut tightly and check other doors for ease of use.
  • Replace door weather stripping if required.
  • Ensure windows and skylights close tightly.
  • Cover outside air conditioning window units.
  • Ensure that the ground around your home slopes away from the foundation wall so that water does not drain into your basement.
  • Clean leaves from roofs and downspouts and test the downspouts to ensure proper drainage from the roof.
  • Check chimneys for obstructions such as bird nests.
  • Drain and store outdoor hoses. Close the valve to outdoor hose connections and drain the hose bib, unless your house has a frost-proof hose bib.
  • If you have a septic tank, measure the sludge and scum to determine if the tank needs to be emptied before the spring. Tanks should be pumped at least once every three years.

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